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About Najya

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Najya Williams is an undergraduate at Harvard College in Cambridge, MA. She aims to pursue a career in Pediatric and Neonatal Medicine. A youth advocate and social activist, Najya has committed to participating in numerous poetry and spoken word driven events to shed light on issues present in her community that many consider taboo. She was recently recognized by The Harvard Foundation and The Black Men’s Forum for the work she has cultivated and continues to maintain within the Black community on Harvard’s campus. Najya looks ahead to continue making a difference in not only her community, but the nation as a whole, one word at a time.

Why Najya? Why Cotton?

“Your poetry is all at the same time astonishingly truthful, gritty, and uplifting. While I was moved to tears at some passages, the clear message of exhorting one to be their best selves was palpable.

Any person who wishes to read Cotton should be prepared to experience passion, confusion, desperation, anguish, and finally, determination — that the world can and should be an equal place for all people. What a thought provoking volume — I look forward to the day where your words inspire an entire generation of people to change the world!”

Linda Larson, The Economic Club of Washington, D.C.

“This [Cotton] is a poignant collection of poetry that truly captures the experiences of Black Americans. Read it and be enlightened.”

Pavita Singh, Editor, pavEDITa


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