Thank you so much for your interest in working with Najya! You can find a list of her current services below. If you are interested in something that isn’t offered here, please feel free to reach out via the “Contact” tab in the Navigation Menu.

Are you an individual interested in honing your creative writing skills? Consider booking one of the following sessions:

1-on-1 Writing Session (30 minutes): During this virtual session, you will bring an initial idea, draft, and/or working project to discuss and workshop directly with Najya.

1-on-1 Writing Session (60 minutes): During this virtual session, you will participate in a comprehensive writing workshop that will include a warm-up activity, literary technique highlight, and direct feedback/guidance on an initial idea, draft, and/or working project you’ve brought to the session.

Are you an organization interested in hosting a writing workshop that grapple with relevant social issues (health, equity, environment, etc.) using diverse literary techniques? Consider booking one of the following workshops:

Break the Rules (60-90 minutes): As writers, we can become stuck in the norms that have been set by writing conventions and literary “rules”. This workshop is designed to destroy them all and find the treasure of what lies in the rubble.

Writing in Protest (60-90 minutes): We are in a critical time in our society where speaking out and standing in protest are critical in creating a world we are proud to exist within. How can this take shape in our writing? This workshop explores the various ways in which writing can be utilized to bring forth change and challenge harmful norms.

Getting Personal (60-90 minutes): Personal essays can be the most liberating, challenging, and transformative pieces of writing that a writer completes. This workshop guides participants through the process of writing a personal essay with clarity, concision and depth.

Are you a brand, company, and/or business interested in collaborating with Najya for a virtual or social media-based project? Consider booking the following:

Initial Consultation (10-20 minutes): During this initial consultation, you and Najya will discuss the outline of your project, timeline, labor expectations, tentative budget, and any other relevant details.

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