Cultural Rhythms 34: A Motherless Child


I feel

Like a motherless child

A long way from home

A long way from home

Breaking headline news / Rich colonizers surrender parental rights to their child / America / Wife, Pseudo Morality, calls it quits with colonizer husband / Said the affairs with greed, racism, discrimination, xenophobia, they were becoming too public / Her reputation was being impacted / And at that juncture she needed a change / So now we have a motherless America / Pregnant with disease and hate and illness / Ready to continue on the path of self-destruction / Ready to meet its end because that’s the only possible outcome / This isn’t a fairy tale / This isn’t a lullaby / America is on its way to die / This isn’t a lie / I don’t want you to cry / I just want you to ——

Breaking headline news / White supremacists / I mean the hoods / I mean “allies” / I mean “liberals” / I mean “progressives” / I mean “gentrifiers” / I mean “appropriators” / I mean proper English / I mean half of these / I mean none of these / I mean all of these / Colonizers / Their DNA angrily flowing / Rushing like a rolling river / Coated their lips like saliva / So that when they spat on the fertile womb “discovered” / She’d become pregnant with legacy / Intelligent, pensive men who don’t start wars / Who don’t kill innocent women and men and children and people and anyone / Who don’t self destruct / Who don’t run to dictate the lives of others and cry foul at invasion / Intelligent, pensive men worthy of a namesake / Someone who will carry on life, longevity, prosperity, freedom / To do as one pleases / Unapologetically / So they named her America / Home of the free / Land of the brave / And all their affairs came seeping from her pores / Because they weren’t ready for history to write the truth / The men who start wars / Who kill innocent souls / Who invade other lands and question why they’re seeking asylum / Who cuts and swallows poison and spews hate and creates a living hades for the people around them / America / Someone who carries life in death, longevity in suffering, prosperity in misfortune, freedom / To rape / Steal / Rob / Murder / As she pleases, unapologetically /

The universe is crying out / Her siblings of the world are tired / America has run amok unchecked for years on end / And even knowing the solution rests in accountability / Father colonizer walked away instead / So what does pseudo morality do? / Lost in her own reality, she pretends America is healthy and just going through growing pains / She’ll get over it / I won’t intervene / Because I’ve pretended for this long / And who has ever stopped me /

Colonizer / Pseudo morality / Come get your child / Motherless child / Misguided child / Pained child / Come get your Frankenstein / Your sweet bundle of demon you unleashed on the world / I cry desperately for them to retrieve their poison / But they just look back and laugh / Point their finger and blame me for what’s broken loose fifty times over /

How dare you / You think I want to raise an overgrown, abandoned child when I’m motherless myself / I didn’t have a choice / Ripped from my mother’s womb before the stars thought to align / She wasn’t even full term / Hadn’t actualizad all of the fullness of her pregnancy / You took that joy from her / Orphans / Who don’t know the smell of her skin / Or the fullness of her figure / Or the depth of her mind / Or the ocean of her heart / I stare her in the eye as an adult / She’s not mother to me / I’m not child to her / We have been gone from each other for far too long / The damage is done / We are —— /

Breaking headline news / Black Americans / Marginalized communities / Release a statement to Father colonizer and mother pseudo morality / We don’t raise other people’s children / It took everything to mother ourselves / Why would we add America to the list, too? / We are dust and dirt and the scattered pieces you don’t want / Yet America’s just as damaged as us / Is that what you dreamed of / Your child is now the broken one //

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