Who Prays for the Angels?

An angel

an attendant spirit or guardian

An angel / A gift from God / A gift for earth / A gift from Him / A gift for you

I imagine it is hard to be an angel / Held at the feet of your father / Serving a man who can do no wrong / Sent to an ungrateful world / Tasked with tending to souls that don’t even want to hold their own selves / Forced to touch on bodies muddied with damage / And pain / And trauma / And hurt / And give them wholeness / From the holiest / Once their job is done / Their sent back to the same feet / The same throne / The same temple

I imagine it’s a hard life to be an angel / A protector of the uncompromising / A lover of the hopeless / But I wonder / Who prays for the angels / Who prays feverishly for an army none can compare to / Who prays for the angels? //

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